* Preface and Introduction
    * Chapter 1 Diagnosing, Treatment Planning, Temporizing
    * Chapter 2 The Proximo-Occlusal Intra Coronal Inlay Restoration and Direct Wax Pattern Technique
    * Chapter 3 Mod Inlay and Onlay Restorations
    * Chapter 4 Tissue Management, Impression Technique using Reversible Agar Hydrocolloid and Completing Temporary Restoration
    * Chapter 5 fabrication of stone die, orientation of working models and controlled waxing procedures
    * Chapter 6 controlled investing and casting procedure
    * Chapter 7 treating the casting, sedating the pulp, finishing and cementing the restoration
    * Chapter 8 The Full Veneer Finish Line Crown Restoration
    * Chapter 9 The Full Veneer Finish Line Crown used in Combination with Porcelain for Cosmetic Restoration
    * Chapter 10 The Three-Quarter Crown and Other Partial Veneer Crown Restorations
    * Chapter 11 The Use of Small Diameter Pins for Retention in the Design of Anterior and Prosterior Restorations
    * Chapter 12 Occlusal I and Class V Inlay Preparations, Procedures For Wax Pattern, Finishing and Cementation
    * Chapter 13 A Method For Improving Excellence of Cast Restorations Through Use of the Lava Testing Die
    * Chapter 14 Tooth Form and Function
    * Conclusion

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